There are not enough hours in the day to tell all the stories I want to tell. But, I’ll begin.


For the love of story craft

I’m a story-teller and student of story; from a BA Hons in European Theatre to an MA in Creative Writing then a ten-year career behind the scenes in film and television, I’m a geek when it comes to story.

Grow that seed

I know what it’s like to hold the seed of an idea and what’s it’s like to want someone to hold me accountable to the writing process.

First, do no harm

I understand how you can get lost in the story world or pages and need a mentor who’s committed to building you up not breaking you down.

Raise the narrative bar

I believe in creativity, diversity, empowerment, and the freedom of expression, which is why I’m here. It’s to enable others to tell their stories and, all the while, seeking to better the narrative.


Want to c/ə/llab/ə/write?

Transform blank pages.

Whether you have a manuscript that needs to be edited; should you need a sounding board to help you elevate your vision, I will work with you to elicit inspiration, pin down your creative pursuit, make your story a page-turned and offer a fresh, educated perspective that will help you battle the rounds of edits to make your story stand upon the bookshelves of giants.

Ready to tame that unruly ink?